1. Data Breaches: The Risks Keep Coming

    Many companies claim that data breaches are the result of highly technical and sophisticated efforts. The FBI reports that 90% of these are avoidable if widely accepted best practices and security controls are applied. In recent years, micro-targeting of higher net worth individuals and companies has increased significantly. Hackers have used social engineering and malicious […]

  2. Professional Liability Policies Are No Longer Plain Vanilla

    Many companies think that all professional liability policies are alike. In truth, most insurance coverage is based on the size of a firm and the professions being insured. No one is immune to risk and not all policies provide the same protection. Coverage comes in a variety of flavors, depending on your needs.Data breaches, cyber […]

  3. Data Breaches: Panic or Disruption?

    The cost of data breaches for US companies exceeds $6 million, not including loss of reputation or negative media or customer attention.  Imagine how devastating the impact can be, particularly for a small firm with fewer resources to manage the cyber or reputational risk. Clearly, a data breach is disruptive, but it is not time […]

  4. Don’t Overlook Encryption Technology

    Encryption technology is shaping the data breach landscape. Many breaches are caused by insiders, making it critical for companies to safeguard data on customers, products and sensitive business relationships. You should have data ownership and security controls in place to avoid data breaches and protect your customers, as well as the reputation of your firm.Never […]


    Do you have the protocols in place to safeguard your small firm?Manipulation Impersonation Exposure or Social Engineering Fraud is the latest global cyber threat. Anyone can be a target, with the stakes ranging from a loss of several hundred dollars to millions in cash or inventory. Fraudsters reach out to unwitting employees posing as CEOs, […]

  6. Small CPA Firm Issues for 2013

    At Protexure, we pride ourselves in being a small firm advocate. Our dedicated staff is here to lend an ear whenever our clients have a concern about their business. After hearing what our clients are most concerned with in the accounting industry in the year 2013, we decided to compile them for your benefit! Here’s […]

  7. How To’s of A Social Networking Policy – Tip #5

    This week we are going to focus on using firm resources for firm business. Tip #5 – Use Firm Resources for Firm Business.  Use of the Firm’s network resources for participation in third-party sites should be limited to business purposes.  When making a posting it is best to (a) be direct, informative and brief and […]

  8. How To’s of A Social Networking Policy – Tip #4

    Be careful what you post.  Again, be careful what you post.  This week’s social media networking policy tip is on postings. Tip #4 – Carefully Compose Postings.  Responses to postings should be carefully composed.  Exchanging thoughts on accounting issues could be construed as providing professional advice, something that the firm clearly wants to avoid.  It […]

  9. How To’s of A Social Networking Policy – Tip #2

    This week’s social networking policy is on creating and having employees refer to the Firm’s Handbook. Tip #2 – Refer to the Firm Handbook.  The firm’s employee handbook addresses many issues relating to employment, these guidelines are designed to assist employees in making sound decisions in social media whether for personal or business activities.  Activities […]

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